Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celestial Symphony

all this talk about bird song last week reminded me that back in 2002, while we were traveling the country in our motorhome, i wrote a little poem about just that topic. i included it in my first ever nomadic notebook show.   for me the really cool thing about poetry is that it has a way of transporting me right back to the exact place and time that i was when i was thinking about it and writing it.  when the heart is involved, there is such a strong emotional pull!
in this case, it was high atop mt. lemmon, outside of tucson.  it was april and there was an early heat wave happening, so we felt a little stuck up there, waiting for the temperatures to cool down a bit.  as i wandered around, with no particular agenda or responsibility, i started listening and thinking about bird song and this was the result.

 Celestial Symphony 4/12/02

Though the sweet strains of music can alter my mood,
Even set my forlorn spirit free
There’s a sound that conveys greater eloquence still –
At least this is true for me

The song of the bird with its innocent twill
Holds a true celebration of life,
A potent reminder to cherish the moment
In spite of dissension and strife

No regular rhythm or harmonic training,
No disciplined practice took place –
Yet what violin or what woodwind concerto
Possesses such pure tones of grace?

So next time the bird sings and you’re within earshot
Savor the celestial sound
Let those pure bursts of melodious rapture
Lift your soul’s feet off the ground!

(The photos are scans of negatives and the originals from the show - taken from the same trip at Roper Lake in AZ.  Not very good quality, but true originals!)


  1. I can hear the birdsong from the words in your poem. Lovely.

  2. It's 7:00 am. The sky is becoming light. The birds are awake and in full song. Noisy little bunch ... they are busy building their nests. An incredibly inspiring way to begin my day. Is it really possible to scan negatives into the computer and get the photo? Am I correct? If so ... WOW ... who knew. Love your post. Let's face it, I'm just in love with your blog. Make yourself a great day Patty.


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