Sunday, May 9, 2010

For Dad

you might think it odd that i'm choosing to write about my dad on mother's day. the fact is, that with a may 9th birthday, he often had to share his special day with the focus on motherhood.
frankly, it kind of amazed me that i was able to get up and speak at his funeral just 3 and a half years ago. i hadn't been ready for that at my mom's service. i can still remember pretty much exactly what i said. i mentioned 3 important life lessons that i had learned, by example, from living with this man:

when you say you're going to do something, do it

when you start something, finish it

when you buy something, pay for it

(i could have added as a fourth:)

share what you have with others

 simple, yet so powerful, and so seemingly lost in much of today's culture

so today, dad, i honor you.

for your integrity

your sacrifice and service to your country

your unfailing commitment to family

your far-reaching generosity

and your relentless optimism

it all seems like pretty serious stuff, but in his later years, we had the opportunity to be entertained by stories of the mischievous escapades which typified his youth. he did live a full live and even found new love and happiness after my mom passed on.

so dad, i love you and i miss you ( no one else ever calls me doll, sugar and sweets).


  1. Beautiful remembrance of a wonderful man. I'm so thankful and grateful for the few years I was blessed to know him and call him Grandpa. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. what a wonderful tribute to your dad. he sounds amazing. i am glad you had him.

  3. He looks full of kindness, love, and fun. I'm glad you had him in your life!

  4. Thanks for the reminder of Dad's birthday. He was a great Dad--and is so missed! There are many things I'd love to tell him........and ask him.

  5. The early photos of your Dad are incredibly special. They record so strongly the era. So handsome and charming. How lovely you have them to treasure. It made me miss my Papa. One of my life lessons from him was always the question to me, "Donna, what speaks louder, actions or words?" I still apply this when I am figuring situations out today. Love your post.

  6. patty
    i love that you shared the photos of your dad.
    what a wonderful man to share his birthday with women around the world.
    i think it only fitting that you honored him on his birthday.
    doll, sugar and sweets are all PERFECT nicknames for a dear soul like you patty!
    thanks for sharing a piece of your heart!
    happy birthday patty.s dad!
    thanks for raising an amazing woman!

  7. I remember sharing thoughts of our dads at Unearth... nice post. :)


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