Wednesday, May 19, 2010


i've been learning adobe lightroom. it's a program that works hand in hand with photoshop or can be used independently. it' powerful. it organizes, "develops", then outputs for printing, slideshows or web. it's relatively easy to give any image literally endless varieties of personality with just a bit of tweaking.  how do i choose???

which bring me to my point. i've never been accused of being overly decisive. just ask my husband how well i do in restaurants with long menus. even short menus. he'll roll his eyes. what am i afraid of? apparently i'm afraid of making the wrong choice. i've done it before and had to suffer the consequences. i want the answers beforehand.

but life's not like that, is it? we're not given a window into the future. we have to step up and make hard choices. and we have to suffer the consequences when our choice doesn't turn out to be the perfect one. i'm working on it.  and after all, isn't that what makes life interesting? i mean how boring would it be to know exactly how everything is going to turn out?


  1. VERY boring and how would we learn really valuable lessons from those times we DO make the wrong choices?!?!?

    these pictures are absolutely stunning by the way!!!

    love you sweet Patty!

  2. i love the processing you did on these ones!

  3. Life is much more fun because we do not know what lies ahead. It leaves us time for discovery, wonder, and excitment.


  4. Yes, it would be very boring if we knew how everything would turn out. No challenges. I guess that really wouldn't work, would it! This program looks like fun. Endless hours of 'choosing' and playing and 'choosing' some more. You look like your having a good time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. They never fail to inspire me.

  5. True. Very boring.

    I need to upgrade my computer this year, and have been debating whether to buy Photoshop (I have an old version of it and need to upgrade too) or to buy Lightroom first and Photoshop later. I don't really do much in Photoshop, but it's hard to know if the things I do do can be done in Lightroom .. and then Apple has that Aperture program which I suspect is similar to Lightroom so maybe I should get that instead. (And then I wonder why I haven't upgraded yet, LOL.)


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