Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ode to Fall

fall... you never fail
to get our attention
with the intensity
of your palette
and the sharp crispness
of your breath
you awaken us
from the long lazy
somnolence of summer
startling our senses
while we revel in your reality,
then try to gather you
grasping your fleeting coattails
and holding on for dear life
before the inevitable slide
into the dark and cold abyss
that follows

happy midpoint of fall (2 days ago)


  1. Dear Patty...Fall is so beautiful isn't it..with the trees on fire. I love your pics..the light is beautiful.
    I especially love your last post. I think its' so amazing that you are writing your mothers days, moments...her LIFE! I am an archiver as well in my heart and soul...the power of will be passing them down for generations. truly wonderful Patty.

  2. Such beauty and truth you bring to my doorstep in your posts, Patty. Your words and pictures are so powerful and give me a glimpse into the exquisiteness of your soul.

  3. Wonderful images. Especially love the blurred effect!

  4. Wonderful photos, beautiful words. Love it, love autumn.

  5. stunning photographs. and i love the new banner


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