Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Off to Unfurl!!

tomorrow i embark on a pilgrimage of sorts…. returning to a place and an experience that had a strong and lasting impact on my life.  the bepresent unearth retreat was the first time i had actively sought out a group of creative women in an attempt to connect with and learn from them.  i had gone on solo retreats before and felt comfortable doing so, but this was different.  something about the factors that made up this particular retreat drew me in, however, and it was just too alluring to pass up.

yes, it was slightly intimidating going to an unfamiliar place, then living for four days with 24 women of all ages that i had never even met.  my little worries turned out to be so unfounded.

i had no idea of the power and energy that could be generated by a group of open, accepting and creative souls.  no, no idea at all.

no idea that i would finally start to see myself as a creative person.

or that others would see things in me that i did not know were there.

or that i would be starting down a path that i didn’t even know existed.

or that i would be staying in touch with my new friends over a year later on a daily basis.

or that i would feel so strongly about retreating that i would start sponsoring

or that everyone there would feel so strongly about the connections that we would be prompted to have a reunion called UNFURL!

 so off i go to manzanita, oregon, so super excited to see everyone again.  well, not everyone.  not everyone can make it this time around.   those who can’t will be dearly missed, but they will be with us in spirit and are still 100% part of the group.  can’t wait.

oh, and guess what – there are more bepresent retreats planned for the future. you can read about them here.


  1. How wonderful! I have always wanted to go on a creative retreat! I've always been complimented and told how creative I am, but I never seem to have the time to do much, although recently I am making a point to concentrate on photography. I hope you have a wonderful time! Great photos by the way! I especially like your last photos in the Tendrils post!


  2. SIGH! How absolutely wonderful. This post is such a witness to your personal growth and the work you have been doing. I admire you so very much. Have a wonderful time and UNFURL!

  3. How exciting... it's great that you actively pursue enhancing your creativity. Someday I too will find the time and finances to go on such a retreat, until then I will live vicariously through others! :-)

  4. have an incredible time Patty!!!!

    all these photos made my heart smile GIGANTIC!!!!

    I AM there in spirit FOR SURE!!!
    put me in your pocket and take me along for the journey!!!!

    loving you so much!!!!
    cannot wait to hear all about it!


  5. Fill your heart and mind with EVERYTHING, Patty!

  6. that is so AWESOME!!!
    have fun--

  7. Have a wonderful time - takes loads and loads of pictures. I want to see everything!!

  8. Patty, this sounds awesome - have a wonderful time!!!

  9. I am so excited that you will be there. How I wish that I could join you. But you guys are in my heart all weekend. Sending love to the coast. xoxo


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