Monday, November 15, 2010


i am fully engulfed
 in this moment,
my heart sending out
tiny tendrils
reaching beyond the confines
of this familiar space
to that which is beyond

tendrils of love
of hope
of joy

when the tendrils reach your space
they will grab on
and encircle themselves
around your heart
enveloping you
in an unbreakable bond

(keep them going....)


  1. Beautiful Patty, absolutely beautiful. Absolutely touched my heart. Isn't that what this life is all about ... growing into love ... growing ourselves into exquisits human beings? Thanks for the beauty you bring to my life in so many ways. xx

  2. Such Wonderful Uplifting Words! Miss sure know how to make a soul feel better. So very glad I dropped by. I've been battling a sinus~infection from (can I just say Hell?). Most horrible pain I've experienced in a while. My face and eyes were so swollen at one point, I looked like a creature from a horror movie. And imagine this: I was seeing double during this time so I had two of these lovely creatures to deal with. :))

    I'm definitely on the mend..and have risen early this a.m. with hopes of getting some time in at the easel. Again..thanks for the beautiful words..they lifted and encouraged me in all the right places. Hugs, Terri


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