Monday, December 19, 2011

Au Revoir

Some sweet gifts from my friend

i first titled this post “another good-bye” and then changed my mind.  yes, i did have to say good-bye to my sweet friend soraya last night because she is moving away, but it is not a final good-bye!  we first connected here in cyberspace and we will keep right on doing so, through our blogs and email.  

Last night

the way i see it, we were just incredibly lucky to be able to live close to each other for almost a year and spend some time hanging out and sharing our hearts.  soraya is really someone special – someone that does not come into your life every day, and certainly does not come into your life by accident!

this girl is going places (in more ways than one!)  her art is incredible and is starting to be noticed by the likes of somerset gallery and somerset studio.  her blog is also like an evolving piece of art, in which she eloquently pours out her heart regarding art, creativity, mama-hood and all the journeys of life.

On my studio wall

so i’m so, so sorry to see her go, but colorado is not exactly on the other side of the world.  there is a pretty good chance we will see each other again soon.  so au revoir, my friend!!

Another momento

p.s.  thank you ever so much for your sweet comments and emails following my last sad post.  we are navigating each day and trying to concentrate on the celebration and giving spirit of the season to fill the void we are feeling.  your thoughtfulness means the world!!


  1. You are such a wise woman, Patty. You truly amaze and inspire me all the time. Go well my dear. xxDonna

  2. what a beautiful post, I just went to read her blog, so lovely and so talented.You are such a good friend,

  3. Everything you said about Soraya is TRUE TRUE TRUE...just thinking about her makes me smile from within...great post!

  4. Yes, I'm also very sorry to see her go. She is a lovely person. But we will stay in touch.

  5. OH! Dear sweet Patty-thank you so much for writing this post!! I need to thank YOU and be ever so grateful for your warm, big heart, your support and kindness...your listening ear. Of course we will see each other can come visit me, you know. And of course we will connect via mail and blogs. I had such a fantastic time the other night...and thanks for your wonderful's going on my studio wall:)

  6. What lovely work!! And - so great that you'll still be connected online!


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