Tuesday, December 27, 2011


in general i’m not much for tradition.  i mean i do believe it’s a wonderful thing, but it’s just not something i practice much.  since we don’t have kids or family in the area, many holidays have been an excuse to travel or perhaps a chance to see friends or, in some cases, pretty much of a “non-event.”

 the same does not apply to christmas eve however!  it wasn’t exactly intentional, but we have established some traditions that have taken hold and prompted us to turn down many enticing invitations over the years in favor of our own little celebration.  it’s something we both look forward to with great anticipation.


White Russians

Lotto tickets

Great food

Piles of poorly-wrapped fun presents (quantity, not quality!)

and while i’m not going to give away all of our secrets, i am giving you a few hints here with my pictures.  every year we enjoy this so much that i think we should establish some other traditions, but alas, for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to happen.  hope you are establishing some of your own traditions!!


  1. looks like a great night to me,, I love the tree, its a biggy!

  2. I love the German advent calendar! And the photo of the candles is wonderful.
    This is the first year that we are NOT traveling over Christmas. Usually we celebrate Christmas Eve and then hit the road early on Christmas Day morning. If we had a "tradition" it was breakfast at Denny's somewhere on the road. Depending on school break we were already on the road on Christmas Eve. I remember a wonderful Christmas in Sedona in front of the fire. We had taken the presents with us and my daughter was happy!

  3. Way to go, Patty. These sort of traditions are important. xxDonna

  4. Dear sweet Patty-I used to be like that too...but after having Tara I really have started a few traditions. Also...I just LOVED the way you decorated your place ...when I was over there that night...it just exuded Xmas + love + warmth. I hope that you had a wonder-filled Xmas Patty...full of love had warmth and cheer.
    P.S. will send you an e-mail soon. We relaxed on Xmas day but have been working non-stop since then...trying to move into our new home. xxx

  5. I like your Christmas Eve tradition indeed. It looks like lots of fun, and full of the warmth and joy of the season.

    (Especially because it includes lotto tickets. I have wanted to buy a lotto ticket, just for fun, for a few years now, only I cannot figure out how to do it and I feel silly asking. (Isn't that silly!) I tried once at Safeway but they had this strange machine and I could not figure it out. One of these days ..)

  6. i think maybe establishing traditions is a little more challenging when you have a small family/no kids.

    when my mom was around, we used to have a gingerbread making contest. she ironically made the glue that held things together. we haven't done the gingerbread thing since she's been gone. but talked about it this year, and may start up again. but someone (me i guess) needs to find a glue recipe!

    merry christmas.

    btw, we always go to the movies on christmas day...


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