Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Journal

i dont think i have mentioned that i'm taking dawn de vries sokol's doodle 1231 class.  i'm still kind of a newbie to art journaling and i thought it would be fun to add some holiday flare and be able to share my pages with others.  we made a special journal for the class.  i just used a simple composition book.  i glued double pages together, then gessoed each one and applied some holiday colored paint. 

 she gives us a prompt every day along with some doodling ideas and sometimes videos to explain different techniques.  i'm always a little shy about sharing stuff like this - it's not my area of "expertise".  i look at other journal pages and then at mine and i cringe.  but i'm all about letting go of comparisons and i need to practice what i preach!

some of the other participants started posting their pages in the class flickr group and i did too.  i hadn't planned on sharing them here..... but here goes!  it's out of my comfort zone but i want to say that by doing this i have been able to actually watch my pages improve.


and.... i had no idea how absolutely fun this was going to be.  just doing the pages and then flipping through the resulting book.  i love it!!!


  1. What a happy holiday journal, Patty! I'm so pleased you are brave enough to share. I love the Christmas tree made of circles. Very clever. Art journaling can be addictive ... you might eve get hooked. Your pages are great, they are colourful, have great content, visually stimulating and most of all they are FUN .. and that's what it's all about .. right? hugs, Donna

  2. I love your cover I think your pages have great composition!

  3. These are such fun!! Looks like a wonderful class. Wishing you and yours - a merry..merry!

  4. Dear Patty,
    Merry Christmas my friend...I love your beautiful and colorful pages.. I love your style and how happy they feel...I hope you have a wonderful christmas

  5. I felt like Donna, I'm so grateful that you shared this art work. The first one with the Christmas tree is wonderful. If you have time during the Holiday I would love to have you at the table for my Cyber meeting with a cup of coffee at the Old Shop.

    Merry Christmas Patty!

  6. Patty, I'm in the doodle1231 class too, and yours have been some of my favorites on the flicker page. You go girl. This is a form that fits you well. Happy new playdays to you.


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