Thursday, December 29, 2011


i’ve been doing some work with textures lately.  i’ve known about this technique for a while but haven’t really taken the time to explore it much until recently.  it’s super easy and fun!  it’s really just a way to combine 2 photos and end up with some very different looks. 

and apparently it is a bit more eye-catching than straight photos since i hung a few of these in my local gallery this month and sold 2 of them!

i’m noticing that i’m drawn to a lot of different art forms that involve combining.  like collage.  and mixed media.  and even music that combines different styles in the same song.  and dance pieces that alternate segments with various styles. hmmmm.

in other news, we have decided to take a little road trip.  by time you read this we should be tooling along the interstate.  it was hard to get motivated for our first dog-less trip in a very long time….. but work is slow right now and it seemed a good idea to get away.  more later…..


  1. great work, have a great time away,

  2. Coquille Lighthouse looks like it's raining and the sun shining at the same time. Love it. These photos turned out great - I'm a big fan of textures as well, but still have a lot to learn in that department.
    Have a wonderful trip - we're staying here this year, and it starts to feel weird to me. I think I could hit the road again as well.

  3. ooooo, very nice combining, Patty. Absolutely fascinated by the second piece. Have a great little getaway. Muffin will be right with you in your heart. xxDonna

  4. If I was a visiter at your gallery I had immediately bought the lighthouse, hopefully none else have got it before me...

    Have a great trip and a happy new year!

  5. your photos look great...editing photos is super fun!!! wish at times I had photoshop...picnik is limited but still fun!!

  6. Beautiful!! Love the results of your experimenting with layers and textures. Wishing you a new year filled with creativity and light!


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