Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 Things

i am the lucky recipient of this thoughtful award from the lovely and talented kolleen over at HeartWingSisters.  as part of my acceptance i'm supposed to tell you about 10 things i love right now, so here goes:

1.  the fabulous sunrises we have been having every day (can’t complain about the sunsets either!)

2.  scotland yard, a little neighborhood pub where my hubby takes me at least once a week so we can sit across the table from each other and have a conversation

3.  this song, which i cannot get out of my head

4. beautiful nora, my nephew’s baby, who just turned 1

5. frazier farm’s salad bar – my favorite lunch. the grilled bar-b-qued tofu is awesome!

6. for learning all things computer related in a relatively painless way

7. all things cocker spaniel (always!)

8. all the sweet comments you guys have put on my blog

9. my wearable blanket, for sitting outside at night under the stars (great way to “just be”!)

10. cappuccino on my deck with my ipod and my journals (this is pretty much an unbreakable ritual!)

ok, i seriously cannot count!
(11.)  last, but not least, one of my favorite christmas presents, the poo-lar bear. When you press on his behind, he discharges a nice fat brown jelly bean. sorry I can’t show you –i already ate all the beans! (thanks bob and pat!)

ok, now i am supposed to refer you to 10 blogs that i love - this i have trouble with because, seriously, i try not to visit too many because i find it kind of overwhelming.  so here's what i'll do.
here is one you should check out:

Donna just traveled down to san miguel de allende in mexico and is chronicaling her adventures there daily.  she has a way with words, for sure, as well as great photos!

also, if you have not already visited the small is beautiful site, be prepared for some serious blog-hopping since it is a veritable cafeteria of bogs all on one page (talk about overwhelming!) don't say i didn't warn you!
that's the best i can do for now.  thanks again, kolleen - love you!!


  1. Way to go girl! Thanks for the reference...what fun. The fireflies song is so great (you are so current - I'm still back with Mozart ... need help!) ... It brings back memories of living on an acreage by a lake and watching the fireflies fill the air at night. Magical.

  2. love you back Patty!!!

    your list is so great...and i LAUGHED OUT LOUD about your polar bear...hilarious!!! my kdis would LOVE that!! and i want to go to Scotland yard and come sit with you on your deck with my ipod and journal...YUMMY STUFF!!

  3. great post patty.
    as always, love your photos
    i saw a penguin on skis that did the same thing this year...
    love ya

  4. I do NOT think I could eat those jelly beans, yummy though they might be. They would, however, make me giggle.

    Such a sweetheart of a cocker spaniel!


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