Sunday, January 17, 2010

Selling an Original

remember this piece? i made it out of aspen leaves straight from colorado and oak leaves from mount palomar while I was staying at a little cabin up there in november.

i framed it and submitted it to my local gallery to hang, never expecting that it might sell. after all, it’s one of my very first mixed-media pieces. so maybe it's beginner's luck – it did sell and i have to tell you, i have mixed feelings.

why, you might ask? truly, it never ceases to blow me away when someone actually takes out their wallet for something i have created with my own hands! that thrill just never gets old. so what is the problem? well, i’m used to doing photography. the file is in the computer and if you sell a piece you can go right home and print another. i’m so not used to selling one-of-a-kind pieces. there’s some kind of emotional attachment and now i'm having a little withdrawal. all in all, i’m more happy than sad and i guess it’ll just prompt me to dig in again and create more new work and that’s a good thing. oh, and thank goodness for scanners!


  1. Your piece is SPECTACULAR! What size is it. What did you use to protect it so colours didn't change, etc. etc. Please tell me everything! I know what you are going through. After I have created a piece to give away or to sell, I have to hang it on the wall for awhile to 'get my fill of it'. I think it's sort of an honouring process I must go through. A little time to enjoy what I've done. After all, these creations are our children, they have come through us, from a place deep inside. I believe it's natural to feel a little 'empty' when they go. YOU, Woman .... ARE SO TALENTED!

  2. Congratulations! That is wonderful. I am so proud you put yourself out there. I have not had the courage to do that just yet.

  3. congratulations on selling a piece of your work. That is just incredible. You are a star!

  4. i am ohhhh soooo proud of you.
    that is just awesome and wonderful and neat.
    way to go miss patty.

  5. Oh, Patty! I am so excited for you! That is so wonderful! Even though I know you miss it. :)


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