Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just Be

i'm so not what you would call a fad follower or a trend tender. remember when your parents taught you (and maybe you have tried to teach your own kids) that just because everybody is doing it is not a good enough reason to do something? i didn't get that at all at the time, but as i got older, my latent rebel nature started to blossom and i took that idea and ran with it. in other words, whatever everybody else is doing is suspect and should be avoided if at all possible.  ( i realize there is a happy medium in there somewhere.)

 so back to the point of this post - everybody is talking about their "word of the year". so naturally, my first reaction is to run away from the idea - except that, truth be told, i do have one - scratch that, actually it's 2 words (so i'm not really following the crowd, right?)

i started reading this book and realized that i want my focus to be "just be". i'm convinced that many of life's problems can be solved with this simple phrase and keeping it in my consciousness
has already made a difference in my life.

here are some of my favorite "just be" type photos from the last year or so, along with some eckhart tolle quotes from the book:

"the preciousness of being is your true specialness. what the egoic self had been looking for on the level of the story - i want to be special - obscured the fact that you could not be more special than you already are now. not special because you are better or more wretched than someone else, but because you can sense a beauty, a preciousness, an aliveness deep within."

"if you truly look at an oak tree, or a sunset, then what you're looking at goes far beyond being interesting. just be with it, contemplate it, and it is awe inspiring. there is a depth there that defies analysis by the mind".

"see if you can look at these photos with little or no thinking. but don't try not to think. instead, give your complete attention to the act of looking, that is to say, to the perception itself...when you perceive without thought, you are open to the nameless, the deep mystery that pervades all that exists, the presence of the divine."         Eckhart Tolle 

i certainly couldn't have said it better myself!!


  1. patty...i LOVE this post. it is wonderful. i have read a few of echard's books and they have really opened my eyes. i LOVE your photos. you are amazing. you have the most incredible eye for things, especially nature. i LOVE your photography. i'm always amazed at the contrast of the places you've visited.
    i like the WORD thing. it seems so much easier than a list of resolutions...however, i LOVE lists. they motivate me and compel me.
    much love to you dear.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. "Just Be"! Isn't it comforting? Even in my worst of times, I find 'just to be with it' and honour it, almost allows the situation to dissipate! I didn't know Echart had a new book out - I will have to get it. I didn't get to the book store before I left to get one of your recommendations. I ended up bringing a book I had not read called "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie. Unfortunately, I have been there, done that with Wayne Dyer in "Excuses be Gone", so I'm not all that enthralled! Your photos are indeed absolutely out of this world!! The one of the high mountain peaks --- where is that taken .. you caught the magic! I didn't know everyone was into the 'word thing'. I will have to ponder that one. Absolutely better than a resolution. Love your blog!

  3. oh beautiful Patty how right you are!!! "Just Be"....i tell myself that alot when my mind travel a million miles away than from right where i am sitting! good word(s)!!!! LOVE the pictures too...but then again i love all your photos!

    i left you a little somethin somethin on my blog today!!


  4. oh patty this post is breathtaking. I adore it. I love your words. so perfect for you. Sending you a big hug :)

  5. patty..I love this and your photography is ust beautiful..I love all of it..I may have yo go get that book too...Thanks Gloria


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