Tuesday, January 12, 2010


sometimes it seems that i have a love/hate relationship with my camera...

thanks for offering your little snippet of attention!

(all photos taken at havasu national wildlife refuge, arizona)


  1. You've done it again! Inspired me!!!! Do you know what a gift it is to inspire others? Thank you. You are full of life. You are full of soul. It shows! Your writing and your photographs make me a better person.

  2. Wow - Donna, you have no idea how much this means to me!! The idea that I could inspire someone else is humbling and exhilarating. And I have to say, you do the same for me!!!

  3. Ah, she is a demanding mistress, isn't she. I would certainly not have gotten up at unearthly-hour to see the hot air balloons launch without her pushing. ;)

    such a beautiful place!

  4. WOW!! You've expressed my sentiments exactly. 'Immune to hunger..cold..heat or thirst.' That describes me perfectly!!! WOW!


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