Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Every Path Has Its Puddles

i love this quote and it became real for me as I took my walk this morning after the rain. i really had fun with the puddles, viewing them from all sorts of different angles to see what i could see in them.

the passers-by gave me that quizzical look - you know the one? that look used to keep me from doing what i wanted to do, but i've long since given up worrying about that!

anyway, i love the quote because it is so true of life. why is it that we think things should go the way we expect them to?
 that our path should be free of puddles?

 life is what it is - it is full of trouble, disappointment, natural disaster and, well, puddles!
 always was and always will be.

 if we can make peace with that and learn to find our happiness within, we won't be so surprised every time we encounter a puddle.


    The pictures are so amazing and I am SO happy that you didn't let the passers-by hinder you on your adventure!

    puddles. yes. life can be full of them at times...
    but without those puddles we wouldn't appreciate the beautiful puddle-LESS times as much...
    would we???

    thank you for this reminder to make peace and find our happiness within!

    love you Patty!

  2. awesome pics my dear friend....
    you are sooooo incredibly clever and talented.
    loves to you this wednesday.

  3. Very creative, very clever Patti. If our puddles had lovely things in them like yours do ... it wouldn't be so bad would it!


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