Thursday, January 7, 2010

Computer Generated Art

don't know if it's the new year (could be because it's the first one that i don't have to go back to work) or the fabulous spring-like weather, but i am pretty jazzed about the future right now! even though i really don't have a clue where it is leading, i'm in my "just be" mode and goin with it.....

over the holidays, i had to give up my little art table to make way for company. i didn't know where to go with everything, so i ended up storing it in the christmas decoration bins. that way i was forced to get it back out again before i could put the holiday stuff away... but now i actually organized things and it will be more user-friendly i hope!

anyway, in the meantime, since i haven't had access to the hands-on stuff, i've been playing around with some computer-generated creations. i normally use photoshop to tweak (or occasionally outright manipulate) my photos, but i decided to start from scratch and make some original creations. having so much FUN with this!!


  1. You have absolutely no idea how impressed I am, Patti. This looks like soooooo much fun. I must start saving for photoshop! It definitely intrigues me. So creative! You are a genius!!! Go Forth and JUST BE!

  2. that does look like fun. I have never created anything from scratch in Photoshop either. I will have to try it sometime!

  3. very cool...i just may have to invest in photoshop!!

    i left you a little something on my blog the other day! come and get it!!!

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  5. You guys are so sweet - I thought maybe they were a little amatuerish, but your positive feedback spurs me on!! They are a lot of trial and eror and a LOT of "undo" and start over. THANK YOU!!

  6. hi patty...nothing you do is amateurish.
    i am always amazed at your creativity.
    keep on keeping on girlfriend.

  7. hey patty....thanks for your for your sweet words. i adore you!

    have you ever tried corel painter? its fun but i'm not very good with it yet. it has a lot of different digital "brushes" and even oil pastels....pencils...smudgers.

    take care


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