Friday, January 15, 2010

Female Friendships

i just finished reading this book about 11 friends who remained a close-knit group all the way through school and into adulthood, up to the present - even though they no longer live close together.  i couldn't help being really envious of the relationships.  i mean they have already supported each other through death, divorce, cancer, etc, are in constant communication and have tons of fun together, not to mention a rich history.  they will undoubtedly remain life-long friends.
sure, i had groups in high school and college, but none were as tightly defined as this and most of us have gone our separate ways.  and of course, i moved far away, which didn't help (guess what - there were no blogs or even email in those days - i know, i know, one of these days i may have to take the facebook plunge)  then, throughout my teaching career, i was pretty consumed by that and had a lot of teaching buddies, most of whom, i'm sad to say, are no longer in my life. yes, i do have friends that have been there throughout most of my life, but not a group, per se.
i'm becoming more aware lately of the importance and power of female friendships. there is nothing quite like it.  i feel a little behind the eight-ball on this and am hoping that it's not too late to find my tribe (Donna, your word!)  What about you - do you have a long-term tribe??

below are a few more "justbe" photos for your Friday.....


  1. patty...first of all i LOVE your photos. i am always in AWE of you. secondly dear...i never had a tribe, well actually that isn't true. my tribe was a tribe of boys. i was a skier growing up in utah and most girls i know, didn't do that or didn't do it as much as i did. so i gravitated towards the boys that did. guy friends were great in high school but not after they fall in love and go get i was alone again. i have 1 perfect wonderful friend in utah,but that was it UNTIL....our retreat. that was my first "feel" of community of "tribe". and no, sadly i don't hear from EVERYONE there, but it was a beginning and i gained some sincere friendships of women with my same interests and in whom i feel i could confide and who are still reaching out to me...YOU being one of those! blogs have really helped perpetuate these friendships....but it's a beginning.
    thanks for sharing.
    (how was the book?)

  2. Hi Patti! Your photos .... AAAAAHHHHhhhhhh! Thank you! Tribes ... ah yes. I have no doubt we need them. I discovered some time ago, women friends were something to be cherished. The diamonds in our lives. Having said that, mine are very scattered. BC, Alberta, Ontario. I do have a tribe in Australia. We (a group of 6 women) have been together for 43 years! We lived and traveled together in Europe for a few years, and it seems to have 'stuck'. We might not see each other as a group for years at a time, but when we get together it's as though we have never been apart. Pure magic. I have another tribe in Santa Fe. Mixed gender. Artists who studied together and formed a deep bond. I have no tribe close around me ... I miss being part of one. Perhaps .....

  3. I know why your photos keep getting cut off when you push the xlarge button. I had someone go into HTML and make my blog a little wider! It just dawned on me. Don't ask me what they did ,.. I can't speak HTML. Perhaps you can though.

  4. love your "justbe" photos...and love this post.

    i must say that i never had a "tribe" either...but oh how envious i am of these women in this book. i think it is a rarity and a true blessing. i did have 3 bestfriends in high school...but shortly after graduation we went our separate ways. i have many, many friends from the different mortgage companies i worked for but there was never a "group" of us that all hung out.

    i long for a "community of women" with similar interests but lots of diversity too....i love to learn and i feel sometimes we learn most from those very different from us. i feel my first step to really finding this in my adult life started at our retreat in Oregon. i met so many amazing, soulful women that i simply adore and would do anything for!!! like you had mentioned in the card you sent out at christmas...we were all brought together at that time and space for a reason!!

    love you much Patty!

  5. I think (hope) that it's never too late to find your tribe. I read that book last year and was slightly envious of them too. I had a tribe through middle school and high school and college, but it seems to have been lost over the years. I am the only one who lives far away and is neither married nor has kids, so .. I love the community I've found online (whether I met them online or at unearth for example) but still am hoping to create something similar in my own area.

    And I am so so glad that I went to the unearth retreat to meet you - and all the others. :)


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