Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet, sweet Muffin

she growls a lot and has even on occasion snapped at the very hand that feeds her

she doesn't like me best (in fact, life is pretty much all about daddy)

she goes off on other dogs, trains, motorcycles, people on skateboards, or maybe wearing hats or sunglasses

she can stare into gopher holes for, oh, maybe an hour straight without moving

she's been known to dig a few holes

she writhes on her back, while uttering a strange conglomeration of some of her many voices

she minds when she feels like it

BUT at the end of the day, she's still my sweet, sweet muffin. i love her madly and can’t seem to help myself from showering her with kisses at every opportunity!!

what would we do without them???


  1. right at this moment i am thinking i would have a much cleaner house WITHOUT mine!
    BUT, she is pretty dang cute.
    ava is her name.
    she is a naughty puppy at times, but then again, so are my children.
    cute post patty.

  2. i adore the very last picture....just like my kids...such little angels when they are sleeping!!

    our sweet dog Duke is one of a kind...honestly can't say that i have many complaints at all when it comes to him. he is super loving and obedient and only barks when strangers are near our home...incredible watch dog he is! i am thinking he is in need of a little friend though...trying to convince hubby we need one more!!

    happy monday!

  3. AAAAhhhhhh! What great photos. I love the one wth Muffin looking down from the cliff! .... and snoozing in his blankie!! It made me miss my Habibi ..... I miss him on my bed at night, and I miss my snuggles. Ah well, next time I come down he will be with me.

  4. awwwwwww .. what *would* we do without them. she is a cutie.


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