Friday, January 22, 2010

Irrepressible Life

i have been busily coordinating this show and doing lots of little behind-the-scene details to get it ready.  tomorrow is the day that we hang and the magic will happen!  i know this because i have done it before and even though it can be really chaotic, bringing in work from 14 different people and trying to figure out how to get it all off the floor and on the wall in an organized manner, somehow it happens and - VOILA - MAGIC!!

i love the theme!  each of us will have our own interpretation of it.  so along with our work, we will display a short statement.  i already know there will be a lot of different forms of life represented - human, animal and plant.

i chose to concentrate on the way that the early snows in colorado didn't interfere with the brilliant displays of the trees, in fact they seemed to intensify them!

i wish you could all join us at the reception next week!!!


  1. I'll be there!!! In spirit at least!!! WOW, you get your name on a bill board!!!! I'm so impressed! Your photos are absolutely STUNNING. I don't know another word for it .... there probably isn't a word. You have a gift and you are honouring it. You are BRAVE. Have loads of fun and get really excited. You are allowed.

  2. oh i wish i could be there Patty!!!

    i would be your biggest cheerleader....these photos are breathtaking!!!

    enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    sending love and hugs to you!

  3. such beauty in these photos. wow. i love what you capture through your lens (and i wish i could step right through this screen and be in one of those photos).
    i hope you are having so much fun inside that magic today.

  4. oh how exciting! all of those photos are filled with so much beauty. I love them. Enjoy the magic dear. You deserve it.

  5. Beautiful Patty. Stunning

    making me seriously miss my Colorado home town.

    Best wishes to you


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