Friday, January 29, 2010

The Space Between

as some of you know, i was so inspired by the bepresent retreat last october in manzanita, oregon that i am now planning my own little retreat here in the mountains of san diego county this spring. it's going to be called the space between.

the space between is not only a great dave matthews song, but it represents the space that will separate us from our regular routines and responsibilities for a short time. and, on an even deeper level, if we can stop the relentless flow of thoughts in our minds for even a brief moment, we then have access to the space between the thoughts, which is the real essence of who we are.  so i really like the name and put together the collage to kind of represent all of that. i'm hoping that some of the retreaters will want to make their own space between collage as well!

it will be small in comparison and just a weekend, but will hopefully incorporate some of the same lovely principals that made the oregon retreat so life-changing.  i'm excited! 


  1. i am SO excited for you Patty and i think it is so great that you took our amazing experience from Oregon and are expounding upon it with a group of women you know...i really admire that!

    and as a lover of music, Dave Matthews being one that i love...i totally am digging "the space between"....very, very cool!!

    i am so anxious to hear more about your retreat, etc... when are you doing this???

    happy weekend friend!

  2. You are a gutsy woman! Good for you. I wish I was closer, I would be there!

  3. soooooo proud of you my dear.
    and like kolleen...dave matthews ROCKS
    love ya

  4. i love this collage and definitely takes me back. thanks for sharing and i totally agree the time in-between is an important aspect of our lives. a time for reflection. love.


  5. it's happening! it's really happening! you are amazing patty!

  6. Oh, Patty, that's wonderful! I am so excited that you are doing this!


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