Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lens Baby

I got a new toy a while back.  it's a lens baby - a cute little selective focus lens.

 i got it used on amazon, so - no surprise - it came with no instructions or documentation. 

well, it has certainly brought me right back to my early days in photography.  i'm not finding it exactly user-friendly and am frankly having a hard time getting it to do what i want.

 i was determined to at least have some fun with it so i tried it out in my yard last week (before the torrential rains began)

i think that, with practice, it definitely has some possibilities!

another project to add to my growing list.....


  1. I'm likin' it!!! You say you don't know how to use it ... looks wonderful to me! I love hazy, blurry photos ... that's one reason I want to play with photo shop! Glad you got a new toy. We girls need to play.

  2. I think you take amazing pictures..thanks patty..simply beautiful...

  3. gor JUSS photos!!!

    love them Patty!



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